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Latest release – klanglomerat „Sieben“ feat. Anna Sharifi and Viktor Sandórfi (a.k.a. Nord Drummer)

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klanglomerat Band Berlin Video "Drei"
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About klanglomerat

Symbiosis of electronic and acoustic sounds (Electronica, IDM, Fusion)

The Berlin based musicians Kai Kreowski (“bogsy”) and Mark Beumer (“Grey Paris”) are going on a musical journey to find new soundscapes and musical structures: On their way they combine electronic beats and analogue synthesizers with acoustic instruments like piano, bass, clarinet and guitar. These explorative processes are recorded simultaneously and improvised structures develop to multilayered compositions that cross musical genres and create a mélange of jazz, electronic and neo classical music.

Open and collaborative Project

As an open and collaborative project several fellow musicians of the Berlin music scene are involved in this creative process and they bring their own colors and styles to the the variety of the tracks: Arian Stechert on “Zwei” (drums, samples, synth – “Grey Paris”), Jens Treffurt on “Vier” (drums – “Noahs Boat”), Robin Hartkopf (drums on “Fünf” – “white noise trio”), Martin Fischer (drums – “klanglomerat” live).

COREENA & klanglomerat

80’s synth pop meets neo soul

Coreena & klanglomerat live on stage are always a special experience! Every tone is created live with analogue and digital synthesizers, three loopstations, a hybrid drum set and additional acoustic instruments.

The music is morphing, evolving and flowing constantly and the musicians take the audience to a journey of soundscapes and a variety of emotions created by the iconic and versatile voice of Coreena. You will hear the musical influences like Kate Bush, Portishead or Erykah Badu but Coreena & klanglomerat definitely make there own thing about that.

Coreena: vocals, loopstation
Mark Beumer: synth, bass, loopstation
Kai Kreowski: synth, guitar, loopstation
Martin Fischer: drums, percussion


Coreena & klanglomerat live
Coreena & klanglomerat